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360PRO is an athlete’s performance training facility created by 360 Fitness Club located at SPARTA (Sports Recreational Training Arena) along Pioneer, Mandaluyong.

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Programs offered are one-on-one or small group trainings customized to an individual or team’s specific needs and goals. We cater to all kinds of athletes and anyone who wishes to redefine their performance.

Athletes shall benefit from 360PRO’s 5 Pillars of Athletic Training, aimed to improve their game and increase their wins. These pillars shall condition them into performing at their peak and creating more milestones in their athletic journeys.

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Athletes, both individuals and teams, both professionals and recreational, shall benefit from the 360PRO’s 5Ps to Athletic Training or 5 Pillars, which will help improve their game and hopefully increase their wins. These pillars will condition athletes into performing at their peak and will help them create more milestones in their athletic lives.

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promote photo 1It is vital to first promote heat, mobility and muscle tension to prepare the body for the rigours of a 360PRO workout, every time we start a session. This is where we activate the core muscles to a point where they can effectively support the spine for load bearing exercises. This is where we also promote joint mobility and integrity so that we can do the exercises moving forward, efficiently and effectively.

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propel photo 1This pillar is designed for you to develop athletic power and strength. Focusing mainly on barbell and medicine ball workouts, we will help you enhance both your strength and speed at the same time, thereby increasing your athletic power, propelling you up and forward in your sports. We will teach you how to lift weights not just for the sake of strength’s sake, but we will give you the tools to help you use that strength functionally and we will make you more powerful in your sport.

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protect photo 1We believe that strength training’s first goal is to protect the body from injury. The programs in this pillar will not only make you stronger pound per pound, but more importantly they will protect your body from injuries. We do this with kettle bells, dumb bells, medicine balls, and body weight exercises that are designed to promote functional strength.

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prolong photo template 1What good is power and strength if you can’t sustain it for a prolonged period of time. That’s why in this pillar, the goal is to increase your energy systems’ capacities to take on more work at a high level, for a longer period of time. This is where you get that split second advantage that sometimes is all it takes in life to succeed. We’ll make use of the sleds, resistance bands for running, and agility courses to test your athleticism and help you gain momentum for your game.

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progress photo 1After every workout, it’s time to progress to the next one. We can’t do that effectively if we don’t cool down properly. This pillar may not be as intense as the rest of the pillars, however, we think rest is an always important part of the process. Is it when we rest that recovery begins and we can progress to the next level.

Whether you’re training alone or with a team, these pillars will work for you. We’ll customize the programs according to:

• level in your sports
• individual or team goals
• depending on your training season whether it’s pre, in or post-season
• how badly you want to win

Amanda Fernandez 2We train you for the most important goal of all: continuous progress, which is our never-ending goal. At the core of every sport is our 360PRO programming. Every sport can benefit from the 5 pillars because it will give you:

• increased joint integrity and mobility
• increased tissue tolerance or tolerance for work
• increased power output
• increased muscular strength and power
• developed energy systems for endurance
• increased muscular endurance

At the same time, here are some sport specific benefits of our programs:

• increased vertical jump (basketball, volleyball, soccer, racket sports, parkour, etc)

• increased flexibility (gymnastics, yoga, ballet, dance, cheer dance, archery, MMA, basically all sports)

• increased cardiovascular and muscular endurance (all sports but most seen in running, tri, swimming, endurance sports)

• increased agility (all field and court sports plus racket sports)

• increased upper body power (athletics, baseball, flag football, ultimate)



We believe in holistic training at 360PRO. We train not only our bodies, but our minds as well.  All athletes will hit road blocks and challenges. It’s how we break through them that make us 360PRO athletes. In-house sports counsellors will help you:

• Analyze a situation and set goals
• Discover what habits you have or help you form new habits that make you better
• Give mental skills training to improve your performance as an athlete
• Educate teams about group dynamics
• Team building and team cohesion


Nutrition is also part of the equation and our holistic training approach. Our coaches certified in Precision Nutrition will help you understand how to plan your meals which will complement your athletic training. They will also help you get to your ideal performance weight or your desired weight with the help of our simple yet effective eating habits based on the precision nutrition program.



We believe that children and teenagers should be exposed to functional training as early as possible. With our program, they get better kinesthetic awareness. This means better balance and stability and functional strength which makes them stronger and will add efficiency to their movements making life in general easier to navigate for them. Starting kids and teenagers early in physical fitness means we get to work with them while their hormones are at an all time high (growth hormone). This means that adaptation takes place rapidly and changes will become apparent faster. Kids who exercise are also less likely to get injured in sports and games.  For the child athlete, our workouts will supplement their skills training and not hamper it. Stronger bodies mean more strength and endurance for skills training.

They will also benefit in other important non-physical intangibles such as increase in:

1. Discipline
2. Mental toughness
3. Perseverance
4. Social skills
5. Resiliency/ adaptability to changing situations


They can benefit from the program with our 1 on 1 coaching designed to increase functionality


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Which tribe pride will reign supreme on #360Olympics2017? Make your 360 Fitness Club branch proud by representing your team on May 13, 2017 at Globe Circuit Grounds Makati. Ask Team 360 details on how you can join Olympic events. See you there! #OneTribeOnePride

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Which tribe pride will reign supreme on #360Olympics2017? Make your 360 branch proud by representing your team on May 13, 2017 at Globe Circuit Grounds Makati. Ask Team 360 details on how you can join Olympic events. See you there! #OneTribeOnePride

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Families far and wide are in for a unique summer experience as Lancaster New City sets the Grand Family Weekend 2017! Happening this April 23, 2017, the said signature event of Lancaster New City Cavite features outdoor activities that families, enthusiasts, and athletes can enjoy.

On top of the Family Fun Run, a DUATHLON will also be held during the Grand Family Weekend. The Duathlon is set for enthusiasts and athletes who are looking to take on a challenge of a 3km run – 20km bike – 3km run course and is open to participants ages 12 years old and above.



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