360 Fitness Club is a pioneer in the field of circuit training and functional fitness gyms. They offer unique classes that are a mix of various activities such as yoga, pilates, TRX and boxing.

360 Fitness Club has done a great job to introduce different types of exercise to their customers and provide them with an opportunity to achieve their health goals.

360 Fitness Club is a leading pioneer in the field of circuit training. It offers a non-traditional and functional gym experience, which features a vast selection of strength and cardio equipment.

A 360 Fitness Club was founded in 2013 by Eric Storsheim and Justin Beer, who are certified personal trainers. They came up with the idea for the company after discovering that traditional gyms did not provide enough options to challenge their clients’ bodies in all different ways.

360 Fitness Club combines traditional strength and cardio equipment with new technology such as virtual reality, holographs, treadmill-based rowing machines, in addition to workout fashions like bootcamps and cast-iron cookware.

In recent years, people have begun to shift from the traditional aerobics circuit classes to a more intensive training regimen which includes the use of weight machines and body bars.

360 Fitness Club is a pioneer in this new trend. They were one of the first companies that introduced this type of functional gym. People around the world visit them for their professional and one-on-one circuit training sessions. They offer numerous facilities such as open training areas, boutique fitness studios, boot camp classes and indoor cycling studios. The company has pioneered many other trends in the fitness industry such as TRX suspension training, resistance bands or TRX-tubes, and boxing classes.

The company offers various programs including personal trainers for weight loss coaching and group fitness instruction for beginners who want to learn how to work out with others. 360 Fitness Club has also partnered with Nutrisystem on some of their corporate wellness programs like workouts in 12 weeks or 6 months at a time.

360 Fitness Club is a pioneer in the field of circuit training gyms such as Functional Fitness and Functional Training. Here, you will be performing exercises with machines and free weights. They provide functional training for a healthy lifestyle by offering functional training equipment, one-on-one personal training and group classes.

360 fitness club offers circuit training with functional gyms that are designed to help their members achieve their fitness goals.

The gym started when founder Brian Rauch decided to incorporate circuit training into his personal workouts in order to work on flexibility, strength and endurance without bulking up or losing muscle.

The gym has become very popular with people who want a healthier lifestyle but cannot afford the typical expensive gym membership fees.

360 Fitness Club is a pioneer in the field of circuit training and one of the few gyms worldwide that offers this type of group fitness experience.

360 Fitness Club is dedicated to offering fitness programs that are not only intense, but also non-traditional, functional and full of fun!

The aim is to help people stay healthy, feel stronger, have more energy and lose weight by developing strength in their muscles. While also improving their cardiovascular health by working on both the long-term and short term goals simultaneously.

The 360 Fitness Club is a pioneer in the field of circuit training, non-traditional, functional gyms.

“Circuit training is the process of performing exercises with short, intense bursts of energy followed by a brief recovery period.”

The circuit training is all about working out in quick succession. The participants will get to use a mix of weights and various bodyweight movements which are often called as “muscle-splitting exercises”.

This type of training demands high levels of cardiovascular endurance and focuses on less muscle mass and more cardiovascular workouts.