How is 360 Fitness different from Crossfit

Circuit versus WOD (How is 360 Fitness different from Crossfit)

IMG_9362Hi, I’m Chappy Callanta, Head Coach, Fitness Program Director, and one of the founders of 360 Fitness Club in Manila, Philippines. I am a graduate of Sports Science from the College of Human Kinetics, University of the Philippines, a certified strength and conditioning specialist (NSCA-CSCS), Precision Nutrition (PN1) certified, a master trainer for Trigger point Therapy, SMRT-Core myofascial compression techniques, and Powerplate Vibration Training. I’m here to talk about a topic many of you are probably wondering about: “So what’s the difference between 360 Fitness and Crossfit?”

We get this question a lot at 360 and it’s a good time to set the record straight for both parties’ sake.  At first glance, it can be easy to spot similarities between the two and there are surely some, however, the difference lies in the core of our beliefs as well as our programming principles. Before I proceed, some people might interpret this as bashing but let me reassure you that I personally have friends and acquaintances in the Crossfit community. We may not agree on certain things when it comes to exercise and programming but I respect them and I’d like to think that they respect me as well (or at least hope). I would just like to clear the air on what exactly are the differences between our programming at 360 Fitness and theirs.

1. Circuit versus WODs.

Of course WODs aren’t the only part of Crossfit’s programming the same way that the 360 circuit isn’t the only major part of ours.  They are, however, considered as core programs. WODs, or Workout of the Day as the name implies, is your programming for the day when you go to a Crossfit box, and is considered everyone’s workout for the day, no matter their fitness level or goal. Sometimes it’s done as a “finisher” after the main workout. The good Crossfit boxes take all WODs into consideration and don’t just get random WODs online. Again, consistency is the issue here. With the 360 circuit, depending on your goal and fitness level, there are 8 different levels that you can choose from. As you regularly complete the circuit, you will progress. We pay close attention to how we progress our exercises and have rep counts as clearances for you to progress to the next exercise level.  Each circuit is designed to last for 3 months to give you enough time to progress safely and effectively, closer towards your goal. There are also the finishers that are done after the circuit which change monthly.




2. We have a wide range of group fitness classes that you can do.

These classes range from dance and yoga to core, kettle bell classes, calisthenics, and many more. And we continue to innovate to bring new programs. We don’t close our doors to other activities and programs. That is why we also partner up with a lot of different groups like Polecats Manila, run Les Mills programs, and the like. We know that movement is key. We’ll teach you to move well and effectively, and we encourage you to move as often as possible and to try a lot of different things.

Kettle bell training

Zumba Dance Class


3. Consistency of fitness programs

I’ve said before that there are some good Crossfit boxes and some bad Crossfit boxes. I guess that’s just the price of rapid expansion. Since Crossfit boxes have different owners and head coaches, with no one regulatory body here, it’s impossible to keep track of every single program that comes out and the culture will change as well. That’s something that we maintain at 360: consistency of the programs. It doesn’t matter which 360 you go to, the circuits will be the same and the group classes will be the same, and most importantly the level of quality coaching will be the same. We did this by making sure that our systems and culture of service and excellence were passed on to our senior coaches and that they themselves are well equipped to pass it on to their junior coaches. Now, we do have different specialists in our team and a wide mix of personalities, however,  you can be assured that the program that you will be getting will be sound and safe, in any 360 branch you go to.

Bodyweight Training

Athletic Strength and Conditioning


4. You cannot become a 360 Coach after just one weekend seminar.

This is not to disrespect the Crossfit level 1 certification, which is really not the fault of the Crossfit affiliates, but more of Crossfit HQ. Again, it’s the price of over-expansion: You can’t personally teach and mentor the coaches from halfway across the globe. Some of the good Crossfit coaches I know have years of experience under their belt as well as technical programming knowledge before they even took the L1, which is really just a formality to be eligible to teach Crossfit and have an affiliate box. But there are also those who just enjoy working out, have no idea how to program for somebody who isn’t them, and just want to start a business or be called a coach. Both of these examples will be called Crossfit coaches, regardless of their backgrounds, as long as they both pass. At 360, each coach is required to have a Sports Science or Physical Education degree from the best schools before they even become qualified to coach.  360 coaches have to maintain and even increase the level of coaching quality that they exhibit so they have to continuously update their skills. We spend time not only training their technical skills, but more importantly in developing their soft skills so they can deliver service excellence, which what truly makes a coach a great coach.

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5. Why do we Olympic Weight lift?

Olympic Weightlifting Cleans

Coach Jose doing Olympic Lifts

At 360, the primary reason why we include Olympic weight lifting and Olympic moves is not to get better at it or clear a higher weight. We include Olympic weight lifting in the program when the client needs it for his activity or sport. We DON’T THINK THAT IT’S FOR EVERYONE. The Olympic lifts are complex and require a lot of practice and gym time. It will make you faster and more powerful, which are both important for various activities. Some people, however, may not need to progress that far at all to get to their fitness goals. More importantly, we don’t include it in the programming before laying down the right fundamentals and making sure that the person has the right mobility and stability to handle the lifts. We also do not teach it in a group class. These lifts require special attention in every facet of the movement. And we don’t do them for high volumes of work. That’s just dangerous and unnecessary.


6. We don’t train you to be better at the gym, we train you to be better in life.

We believe that the gym is not the destination. Sure our culture and Team 360 will make you feel like the gym is your second home but we believe that exercise is not the end, but a means to an end. We don’t train you just so that you can increase your weight on the squat or hold a plank longer. We train you so that you can transfer what you have just worked on and reap the benefits of it in your everyday life. Whether you are an athlete or a young professional, our aim is to gear you up for life so that your tasks become easy and you free yourself up for more fun things in life. This is also why we have a lot of groups and activities for our members which take you outside of the gym, so you can see and feel for yourself what you’ve been working hard for and how it has helped you scale that mountain, huck and sprint after that disc, or surf that wave with ease.

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Again, I am not writing this to say that Crossfit is bad. Like I said in one of my points, there are some good Crossfit boxes out there that take good care of their clients and have sound programming. I will say that our programming is better, in the same way that they will say that theirs is better as well. We are proud to be a local brand with global aspirations and standards, and it actually is a compliment to be compared to a global brand such as Crossfit.

Bottom line is, I just don’t want to be trapped in a box (pun not intended) in terms of the programming for 360 because fitness is such a fast evolving field. Everyday there’s something new to discover and that’s where 360 is ahead. We are not claiming to be the best but we are confident in saying that what you are getting today is the best that we can offer.  And our commitment is to strive to always deliver BETTER service (from programs to coaching and everything else), every single day, so that you can #gearupforlife as you #get360fit.