No Gym, No Problem: Coach Dex’s Fitness Anywhere Workout

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Some of our members miss a workout or workouts at 360 due to business engagements, vacation travels or OT especially when it’s crunch time at work. I created this workout routine so you can still burn calories in no time, even when you can’t go to the gym. You can do this at home, or in your hotel or maybe even in your office! In order to burn more fat, you’ll need to create physiological stress in your body. Thus, you can create this stress by putting in short bursts of intense exercise with short rest periods in between. This circuit burns roughly around 400-500 calories, increases metabolism, and gives you the “transcient hypertrophy” aka the temporary muscle pump that will make you look good naked! (still good to know even if beach season is almost over) . For the workouts, you’ll only be needing a cloth (for the sweat you’ll be dripping from the heart pumping exercises and for the core workouts I’ll be discussing later) and your bodyweight. It’s going to be challenging since you’ll be utilizing different muscle groups and have limited recovery (any circuit is pretty damn hard), but surely it will be worth it.

Perform 3 sets of the following:

1. Full Burpee: 10 reps

sot 1

a. Drop into a squat with your hands on the ground

b. Kick your feet back, then lower your body towards the floor

c. Return your feet to squat position

d. Jump up with your body fully upright

2. Split Squats: 7 per side

sot 2

a. Stand with feet apart, one foot forward, the other at the back

b. Bend both knees as low as possible, with back knee 2-3 inches above the floor

c. Keep torso upright. You can make this more challenging by placing your back foot on top of a bench/chair

3. Bicycles: 12 per side

sot 3

a. With your hands behind your head, raise your upper back and let your right elbow touch your left knee

b. Do the same movement on the other side, keeping your upper back elevated from the floor

4. Pushups: 15 reps

sot 4

a. Assume a face down, hands on the floor position

b. Keep your legs shoulder width apart, hands slightly wider than shoulders

c. Lower your body and Bend arms to 90 degrees. Maintain a neutral spine (head-back-hip should be aligned)

d. You can make it easier by starting with your knees on the floor

5. Plank Saws: 10 reps

sot 5

a. Start with a plank position b. Place towel under your toes c. Move your body forward and back by pushing and pulling with your elbows

6. Bear Crawls: 20 crawl pairs

sot 6

a. Start with the pushup position

b. Reach forward with your right hand and left knee simultaneously, maintaining hips aligned with spine

c. Alternate the movement to the other side

Hopefully you’ll get to enjoy this grueling workout and hopefully it’ll help you maintain your lifestyle of fitness. Message us and give us your thoughts on this exercise routine!

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