Coach Yey is one 360 Fitness Club’s coaches who specializes in strength training and powerlifting. He was UP (University of the Philippines) Powerlifting team’s President / assistant head coach from 2011-2013. He encourages women to start strength training and addresses their number one concern on lifting weights: women are afraid to look muscular or bulky.

So he gives us his:






1. Women have a much lower testosterone (male sex hormone) level than men which means they have a much lower chance to gain muscle mass compared to men.

2. To gain more testosterone, women should have to reach a certain amount of volume and weight carried for long training periods. This is only common among very competitive powerlifting or Olympic weight lifting female athletes.

3. Females have a significantly higher level of estrogen (female sex hormones) compared to men. Part of this hormone’s job is to build fat (necessary for child bearing) which further hinders the work needed to be done by testosterone to build muscle.

4. A woman’s body composition, smaller shoulders and broader hips, reduces amount of muscle gained in the upper body.

5. Women learn and control movements the same way as men. So they do not need to gain a significant amount of muscle mass in order to build strength. Strength training protocols are the same for both sexes. In short, they can build a lot of strength without looking bulky.

Now that we know that based on science, women will not easily get bulky muscles from strength training or weight lifting, here are my:

Top 5 reasons for women to start lifting weights

1. Women are more prone to scoliosis than men. And strength diminishes faster than cardiovascular fitness as we grow older. Strength training is a way to prevent, manage and reduce scoliosis.

2. It will improve body composition and increase lean weight and decrease body fat percentage in ways that cardio exercises alone cannot accomplish.

3. Because muscles produce heat and more muscles mean more chances of burning fat, adding strength training to your workouts for weight loss will help you burn more fat efficiently. When programmed correctly, you will lose body fat and achieve a toned, lean body, instead of the bulky muscled body you might imagine.

4. Because power is speed and strength combined, strength training can help improve power performance like sprinting and jumping and the like, which is especially useful in athletic performance.

5. Heavy weights increases bone density giving you strong, healthy bones as you age.

We now know that because of the way a woman’s body is made, women will not look like the Hulk because of strength training. The benefits of strength training for women are actually quite many and is vital to weight loss and athletic goals.

That is also why we also incorporate strength training into the 360 circuit.

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