360 Corporate Wellness Programs


360 Fitness Club has the solution for you! With our corporate wellness programs available for organizations in the Philippines, you can benefit from a customized wellness initiative made just for your company. Offering more than just gym membership discounts, 360 Fitness Club’s corporate wellness division will work closely with you so that we can bring fitness right to your office space.


Why Corporate Wellness?

It is a sad reality that most Filipinos spend at least 9 hours a day in their office. According to a 2015 study by Sun Life Asia, one out of three Pinoys don’t think that they have time to exercise. This causes an increase of stress and contributes to the top three health problems plaguing the workplace – heart disease, diabetes and being overweight. 360 Fitness Club’s Corporate Wellness division aims to help companies in the Philippines come up with health and wellness initiatives to address these growing problems. Not only can we bring fitness programs right to your workplace, we can also jumpstart your employees’ interest for work-life harmony by introducing wellness workshops where they can learn more about the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle.



360 Fitness Club offers fully customized corporate wellness solutions for companies of varying industries. Read below to get to know more about our products:

360 In-House Satellite Gym

Workout right in your office. We offer dance, yoga and martial arts based group exercise classes, along with our 360 cardio strength Signature programs.

360 Team Challenges

We help your employees reach their goals by hosting company-wide challenges. The program can incorporate home workouts, fitness consultations, nutrition workshops, progress tracking and fitness classes at the office. We’ll facilitate the whole challenge and even host an awarding ceremony.


We aim to educate your employees for them to better make healthier lifestyle changes.
NUTRITION SERIES: A series of workshops which can help employees understand the basic principles of nutrition and the importance of healthy eating choices. More than just about dieting, our in-house coach who studies precision nutrition will conduct interactive talks and workshops to help employees improve their eating habits. INQUIRE NOW

FITNESS WORKSHOP: A learning workshop to help employees understand the basics of proper posture, the importance of daily physical activity and how you can fit exercise into your daily routine. INQUIRE NOW

THE HAPPINESS MOVEMENT WORKSHOP: Learn more about work-life harmony through this workshop, which taps into the importance of mental/emotional health, fitness and kimilunutrition. Kimi Lu conducts the mental and emotional health portion of the Happiness Movement Workshop. She is one of the first life coaches here in the country who conducts regular workshops to help individuals discover their true potential. INQUIRE NOW
THE FIT TEAM – 360 TEAM BUILDING: 360 Fitness Club together with Spyderhook can facilitate your company’s team building for the year with our fun dynamic programs meant to help teams to become more mentally and physically fit.spyderhook logo Spyderhook is a Training and Development Team that enables, empowers and engages individuals and organizations. They specialize in accelerated learning and performance based methods.



We hope to work with you and your company soon so that we can find the best health and wellness program for your employees.

“I love Body Jam!…It’s a great cool off from our busy work schedule. Plus we have the luxury to do it in our own private space inside the office. Personally, it has helped me reach my goal in keeping fit and active, and at the same time enjoy a break from work, while ecstatically dancing for an hour without fully realizing that the activity is also a high-intensity cardio workout.”
                                                                                          Cocoy Rosales
                                                                                          Senior Marketing Officer, OLX Philippines

“I’ve been meaning to join my work friends who were attending Body Jam in 360, but I simply did not have the time. When I heard it would be done in our very own office, I was quite excited! I’m finally able to allot some time to exercise into my weekly routine and I love it!”
                                                                                        Janvic Garcia
                                                                                        CLM Lead, OLX Philippines