Looking for the perfect fitness destination that caters to your diverse exercise needs just became a whole lot easier with 360 Fitness. With our various branches strategically located in Ortigas, Makati, Quezon City, and BGC Fort Bonifacio, there’s nothing holding you back from kickstarting your fitness journey towards a healthier and happier you.

Why 360 Fitness?

At 360 Fitness, we believe that fitness should be all-encompassing. We understand that merely focusing on a single aspect of health is not enough. That’s why we have devised an innovative approach to optimize your mental and physical wellness through diverse training programs and classes crafted to suit individuals from all walks of life.

Our expert trainers are committed to delivering solid training sessions that guarantee results while ensuring you maintain high motivation levels throughout your transformation journey. You’ll never feel alone at 360 Fitness – together, we’ll walk the path to a healthier and better lifestyle.

What Can You Expect From Our Branches in Ortigas, Makati, Quezon City, and BGC Fort Bonifacio?

Each 360 Fitness branch is designed with our member’s convenience in mind. We aim to provide you with an easily accessible platform wherever you may be situated across Metro Manila. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with the latest fitness equipment and offer versatile training methods to cater to your individual needs.

1. Ortigas

Located at the heart of Pasig City, our Ortigas branch ensures that those who live or work nearby can easily access our comprehensive workout options without having to travel far distances – less time spent commuting means more time spent on achieving your fitness goals!

2. Makati

Proximity plays a crucial role when selecting a gym or fitness center. Hence, our Makati branch is established near the central business district, making it extremely convenient for professionals who wish to hit the gym before or after work.

3. Quezon City

Our Quezon City branch welcomes all residents of this bustling city with open arms into our energetic space where they can avail themselves of our top-notch training facilities designed for those who want more than the average gym experience.

4. BGC Fort Bonifacio

The lively vibe of BGC Fort Bonifacio deserves a world-class fitness center like 360 Fitness! Professionals and residents alike now have access to premium amenities and tailor-made classes right within reach.

The Ultimate 360 Fitness Experience

It does not matter which branch you visit – with 360 Fitness, rest assured that you will receive only the best quality of training and resources. Our line-up of certified instructors boasts an impressive repertoire of skills and knowledge that ensure each member receives personalized attention catered to their unique needs.

Zip through HIIT sessions one day or challenge yourself in group workouts another day- there’s always something new for everyone! From yoga and pilates to strength training and Zumba classes – it’s time to welcome equilibrium in every aspect of your fitness journey!

Visit any of our branches today or contact us to learn more about our membership packages tailored for everyone – whether you’re an enthusiast or starting your journey towards a healthier lifestyle for the first time! Say goodbye to mediocre workouts that don’t bring results – it’s time for you to do some serious training with us at 360 Fitness now!