360 Fitness Ambassadors

get360fit ambassadors

If the 360 Fitness Ambassadors can fit 30 minutes into their busy schedules in order to get360fit, so can you. Watch and be inspired by the different fitness milestones they have achieved!

Why do you exercise?
I work out because it makes your life easier plus it really makes you look good. That’s probably the biggest bonus: looking good and feeling good, and healthy.

What was your 360 experience?
The first thing I noticed here is there’s no machines. And I really, really like that because it’s pretty boring doing the machines and stuff. And I don’t think it’s close to the movements you do in real life. When I first started personal training, my goals were to be stronger, lose fat, and to be able to do pull ups and have visible abs. Over the past few months, I have achieved all those goals. Everytime I came in, the workouts would be different and just never boring, always something new. Obviously it worked really well so I’m very happy with it.


What are your favorite 360 programs?
I like the half an hour classes. It’s really nice because even if you don’t have a lot of time, it’s just a quick intense workout. My favorite’s kettlebells. I love kettlebells. When you’re doing a kettlebell… it could be like a shopping bag. You’re doing a row with the kettlebell. It’s really similar to the movements you make in real life – it’s just a little bit more… BADASS!

What keeps you motivated to stay fit?
The thing that motivates me is, first of all, I’ve already come this far so I don’t want to undo my hard work. But once you get into good habits, it’s just like having bad habits, it takes a long time to break them.

For me, it’s not really hard anymore. I love waking up in the morning, working out. I love how eating healthy makes me feel. And I have fun doing it. If you find an exercise program that you like, then it’s not going to be a chore. You’ll reach your goals easier if it’s something you want to do in the first place.



What is your exercise background?
Nung bata ako, sobrang poor nung cardio ko, so sobrang hina din ako. Yung mga strength activities talagang iniiwasan.

How was your first 360 experience?
Tinry ko yung circuit training, so 3 rounds sya. First round pa lang hingal na hingal na ko. E ako pa naman yung type ng person na once may binigay sayo na challenge, gusto ko magawa ko sya at magawa ko sya ng tama.


What made you stay in 360?
First gym ko kasi yung 360 so nung tinry ko, sabi ko “ok to ah” and na-feel ko talaga na mtutulungan nya ko. Even the coaches kasi, generous sila when giving advice, kung ano yung kailangan kong improve, tapos kung saan ako kailangan mag-focus para lumakas lalo. Sinundan ko yung payo nila and after 3 months, ang laki, drastic yung improvement talaga sa’kin.

What motivates you to keep fit?
The coaches: ‘for those advanced people, you can do this to challenge yourself,’ so ginagawa ko sya. Same kasi kami ng fitness goal e: to improve more even na nag-improve ka na! Part na ng system ko ang pag-exercise. Pag may week na wala akong exercise, feeling ko ang hina hina ko.

What do you like about 360?
What’s really good about this gym is that they offer complete, what we call “ingredients” in the workout process so it helps you improve your stamina, your cardio, flexibility, endurance and strength.


When I started working out with 360, my initial goal was to lose weight cos there came a time when I really gained a lot of weight. I totally neglected my body. It was just all going out, eating everything that I wanted, without watching what I eat, no exercise at all.

It was Edgar who did the introductory workout with me. My first day with Edgar… I was actually scared cos he looks intimidating and then I thought the workout would be hard. Everyday you’re half excited, half scared of what your trainer would make you do. It’s always something that is surprising and challenging at the same time.


When I was talking to Edgar, I told him, “Edgar it’s November already, we’re four months away from summer and I have to be beach-ready” and then said, “Kaya mo yan! Madali lang yan”

From the very start, it was weight loss that I wanted to achieve but then, after a couple of sessions with my PT, my mindset changed. It started to become as if all I wanted was to become stronger, to be more fit, to be more toned.

It’s my challenge to myself. I go to the gym because at the end of the day, I want to feel good about myself. I want to be a better person and a stronger person.

Actually I don’t like the term “payat.” When people tell me “you’re so skinny,” parang I don’t like it. I like it when people say “wow, you’re so fit.”

When my trainer told me “your legs are getting smaller,” oh my god, gusto kong mamatay kasi yun yung problem area namin.

It’s more of always believing in yourself, pushing yourself to the limit. Just keep on believing, and it has to come hand in hand with believing and doing. Because if you just keep on believing or you just keep on dreaming, but you’re not actually doing something to achieve it then you won’t reach your goals. As long as you put your mind into it and you do something about it, you actually work hard for it, then you’ll achieve it!


9 hours na shift ko, I usually spend the entire 9 hours at my desk. Tulog, bahay, trabaho, kain… that’s how my life was before. That’s why I reached 190 pounds.
I reached a point kasi when I have to change 5 times just to feel that this is the right clothes that I’m wearing. I get chest pains. I get mga heart burns because of the unhealthy lifestyle that I have.

I joined different gyms actually when ah… before I started with 360. So siguro I didn’t get the spurt because it’s all machines, it’s boring. They just let you workout on your own. I didn’t really get the support that I need to really achieve my goal.


When I started with 360, I was at 29% body fat. What we are really monitoring is my body fat so now I’m at ano, the last time I checked, 17. It’s really a good, parang almost athletic level na nung body fat. What I like is the consistency of the support that I get from different coaches. So that’s what I like kasi even if they’re different people, still… I still get the support to achieve the goals that I have. When you hear your friends saying good feedback na “uy you look better now;” I think that’s my motivation talaga when I get good feedback… parang it fuels me to do more, to work out harder.

Pagod ako, masakit yung paa ko, masakit yung tuhod ko. Your mind will give you a 101 reasons not to go on pero yon you still have to remember bakit mo ba ginagawa ‘to diba?

At this point, siguro I want to sustain my lifestyle ’cause I get to inspire people to really get into fitness. Since I’ve grown into this lifestyle, siguro I’ve evolved into something like an advocate na siguro for wellness and fitness. My friends would ask me for advice “how do you lose weight?” That’s what fuels me to really go on.


Before I started here at 360 Fitness Club, zero! Zero for siguro mga 5 years, as in nothing. Ni patintero sa kalye wala! First 360 workout experience was with Coach Chappy. Ang cute ni Coach Chappy eh so ano ako nagpa-impress. Kaya ko to! So I did the circuit, level 1. I lasted a round and a half. Sabi ko, “hindi ko na kaya!” Sabi ni Chappy “oo wala nang kulay yung labi mo!” I couldn’t finish it and I was so annoyed at myself. Pikon na pikon ako na I couldn’t finish it. I was thinking nga, “kaya ko ba ‘to? It’s so hard!” That felt like a loss. I really did feel like I was defeated by the Circuit and I had uh, I felt like I had to come back. I take that as the number one reason why I kept coming back because I kept getting challenged.

Napapansin ko na I was really getting stronger, na nadadalian na ko sa mga binibigay nilang weights. I felt proud of myself na I was able to accomplish that. And for me to feel strong, that was something! The first ever challenge talagang waley! As in I hardly finished it. And if you look at my time, ako talaga yung pinakamabagal. A couple more challenges after that, yung kettlebell challenge, I won that! WHOAH ME?!? I won a physical challenge. That is crazy!!!


Lahat ng clothes ko from before nilabas ko, tas tinitingnan ko na sila isa-isa. And talagang naka-ganyan ako sa jeans tas sabi ko, “wow I used to fit here?” When I started here, I was a 18, now I’m a 10. I get messages from other girls saying, “Suzy, you’re my thinspiration.” I’d say, “No, I’d rather be your fitspiration.” Yeees fitspiration!

I have a very busy schedule and I would come here at least thrice a week, at the very least. Talagang I’d make it a point. Na-enganyo ako kasi 30 minutes eh. Who doesn’t have 30 minutes to spare? There’s 24 hours in a day. What’s 30 minutes?! It feels like I can really hangout here. I really felt at home. It’s such a comfortable atmosphere. This place changed my life and I know that it can change a lot of people’s also.


Ronan Header

I grew up as a fat kid. At my heaviest, I was at 248 lbs. and my waistline was at 48.

I like seeing how I would measure up compared to other people.

It’s another thing that I noticed among the coaches and the other members, it’s a very very warm atmosphere so kahit na competitive ka pagdating don sa exercise, afterwards there is this really nice sense of camaraderie na parang yung iba nga nagpapaturo pa ng tips. They also have this improved state amongst themselves. At the same time, they also help each other out.

In order for me to keep myself fit, I have to keep on doing it. I have to keep on coming back. I have to keep on exercising. I have to keep working on how I can further improve myself.


I understand naman na hindi ako babata. Hindi naman ako si Benjamin Button diba?

In the next two years, I know my capacity will eventually slow down, my intensity, yung mga pagtatatalon, yung tuhod ko. But I have to keep on doing it e kasi I don’t want to, I don’t want to miss that opportunity na pagdating ko ng 40, 50 “sayang nung kaya ko dapat ginawa ko pa lahat.” It’s more of I want to be able to see myself through 40, 50, 60, 70 fit.

Whatever happens, no matter what you do, wherever you are, wherever you work, how busy you are, you really have to set time for it… kahit 30 minutes lang. You drop by the gym, do the floor circuit for 2 to 3 rounds, you’re good to go. So you really have to set aside time no matter how busy you are para talagang ma-achieve mo yun eh. Kasi kung gugustuhin mo, kakayanin mo!