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General Fitness

If you’re happy with your body and you just want to maintain your figure the best possible way you can, then this is the program for you. This program will also improve your functionality or simply put, it will make you more productive in your daily physical activities. You will see an even better version of yourself!

Weight Loss

This program is for those who are struggling to find a way to lose weight or those looking to lose that last couple of pounds. With our proven methods, weight loss is a guarantee.

Muscle Building

This program is for the thin man trying to unleash the muscle within. Using only the latest science in muscle building, we have come up with quick and effective workouts that will challenge you and elicit quick but steady muscle growth.

Athletic Performance

If you’re an athlete, whether recreational or professional, we will help you be faster, quicker, stronger and more powerful. Our coaches are well experienced in handling athletes from all sports and they will help you achieve your goal.  With our world class programs, you will rule the competition.

Special Programs

We have pre and post natal programs that are very specific to your needs.

Powerplate Workouts (Ortigas branch only)

Experience the revolutionary vibration training apparatus with our certified powerplate instructors and get the benefits of functional vibration training. Proven to be effective and being used by a number of celebrities locally and in the US, Powerplate gets you to your fitness goals in half the time.